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Dillon Machavern Pulls Quadruple-Victory Weekend at Daytona

Altamonte Springs, FL/October 3, 2013-

Dillon Machavern capped off an outstanding weekend of racing with a dominant performance at the SCCA event at Daytona International Speedway. Dillon closed out the month of September in style as he took four wins across the entire event.

Three wins came in the SCCA GT1 class, where Dillon muscled his 1963 Heritage Auto Group Ford Falcon of Riggins Engineering past all comers in a new-age display of raw classic power. The fourth win came in the highly competitive SCCA Spec Miata class, where driver skill is put to the absolute limit. The three Spec Miata races Dillon entered saw the young pilot show everyone just how talented he is as he knifed through the field in his Heritage Auto Group Mazda Miata prepared by Panic Motorsports and Ti Engineering. In two of the races, Dillon secured hard-fought second-place spots on the podium. The third race however, was an incredible finish that exemplified both Dillon’s talent as well as the razor-edge competitiveness of the Spec Miata class. The final lap saw a 5-way battle for first place, a battle that Dillon came out of victorious by mere thousandths of a second.

Six races, four wins, and two second-place finishes? It’s just one more chapter in the ever-impressive story that Machavern continues to write for himself and his racing career!

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