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Mitchum Motorsports Proud of Successful Season Opener

Virginia Beach, VA – Mitchum Motorsport completed a successful opening weekend for their ST-class program in the Continental Tire Sports Car Challenge as both of their BMW 128i race cars overcame obstacles to take home solid finishes in a packed and competitive field. Both crew and drivers were extremely pleased with the finishes, and are looking for even more success going forward.

Chris Mitchum: “When you look at the #10 car, with Dylon Murcott and Dillon Machavern, those guys have the speed, they’ve been with me at least on a part time basis since last year. They’ve learned a ton and they know the cars. Unfortunately we lost a gearbox, and that happened early on in the race; they lost 4th gear. I was thrilled with the pace that they had though. They were able to soldier on, and basically baby the car, and still turn 7’s and 8’s, so I was pretty impressed with their pace.”

“When we look at what Dane and Lee were able to do in the #11 car, I was thoroughly impressed.” Mitchum continues; “They came in without a doubt the most pageantry event you could do, the most nuances to learn about a series, and they did it all in basically two days. They came out, soldiered on through the field, qualified 17th and finished 15th. When you look at what they’re able to do with the car right now, give them a race or two and they’ll be in the Top-10 without a doubt. I’m very hopeful for both BMW’s going into Sebring.”

Dillon Machavern #10: “I’m just really proud of the whole team for putting in so much effort this week. From the brakes to the motor; everything! Overall, I think we had a really strong car, probably a Top-10 car but losing 4th gear was an issue of course. We were still turning in some really decent laps though, which just makes me even more excited for next time!”

Dylon Murcott #10: “It was a good weekend, we had some problems, but overall we did great as a team. We scored points and got out of there with a Top-20 finish.”

Lee Carpentier #11: “Race weekend went really well. We came out here not knowing how the car was going to handle and how the team was going to handle themselves, and Dane and I found out very quickly that Chris [Mitchum] runs a top-notch operation, and clearly know what they are doing with the car. Any time we had an issue, they were able to solve the issue right away, get us back in the car, and because of that Dane and I were able to keep progressing throughout the weekend. For our first time running here, I think it was an excellent weekend. It showed us exactly where we really are on pace and showed us what we need to improve on, so we’re going to really hit the books and do what we need to do.”

“I think one of my highlights was that there were really a lot of fans here! It actually drew a huge crowd and the atmosphere here at Daytona is very welcoming. I thought that was pretty spectacular. Again I think our eyes are just open now to exactly what we’ve stepped into and it’s a really fantastic team to be part of!” exudes Carpentier.

Dane Moxlow #11: “It was everything I could have dreamed and more. We hit our marks and did the best we could for being in a new car. I think we ended up with a good finish for what we started with. We put this deal together so fast, and it was a brand new car so we had a few growing pains this weekend, but it was good stuff.”

The team’s efforts will continue with the second round of the Continental Tire Sports Car Challenge, which takes place at the famous Sebring International Raceway on March 13-14.

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